Miracle in Milan

Past screenings

Date Venue
Opening   Sep 3 New York Film @ Lincoln Center
Opening   Sep 10 Chicago Gene Siskel Film Center
Opening   Sep 10 Indianapolis Kan Kan Cinema
Opening   Sep 10 Philadelphia cinéSPEAK
Opening   Sep 11 Dallas Texas Theatre
Opening   Sep 11 Philadelphia Lightbox Film Center
Opening   Sep 17 Austin Austin Film Society
Opening   Sep 17 Los Angeles Laemmle Monica
Opening   Sep 17 Minneapolis MSP Film Society
Opening   Sep 24 Brooklyn BAM
Opening   Sep 24 Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque
Opening   Sep 24 Lake Worth Lake Worth Playhouse
Opening   Sep 25 Nashville Belcourt Theatre
Opening   Oct 1 Silver Spring AFI Silver
Opening   Oct 7 Baltimore SNF Parkway Theatre
Opening   Oct 7 Seattle Northwest Film Forum
Opening   Oct 15 St. Louis Webster University Film Series
Opening   Oct 22 Berkeley Pacific Film Archive
Opening   Oct 23 San Francisco Roxie Theater
Opening   Oct 23 Wexner Center for the Arts Wexner Center for the Arts
Opening   Oct 29 Columbia Ragtag Cinema
Opening   Oct 29 Lincoln Mary Ripema Ross Media Arts Center
Opening   Nov 5 Virtual Laemmle Virtual
Opening   Nov 6 Bentonville The Momentary
Opening   Nov 6 Detroit Detroit Institute of Arts
Opening   Nov 7 Albuquerque Guild Cinema
Opening   Nov 12 New York DOCNYC at IFC Center
Opening   Nov 13 Montreal Cinema Moderne
Opening   Nov 13 Toruń Camerimage
Opening   Nov 17 Tucson Loft Cinema
Opening   Nov 18 The Cinematheque The Cinematheque
Opening   Nov 19 New York Maysles Documentary Center
Opening   Nov 19 Portland Portland Museum of Art
Opening   Dec 3 Film Forum Film Forum
Opening   Dec 10 Hudson Time & Space Ltd.
Opening   Dec 13 Cambridge DocYard at The Brattle
Opening   Dec 14 The Grand Cinema The Grand Cinema
Opening   Dec 17 Montclair Montclair Film at the Clairidge
Opening   Dec 23 New York MoMA
Opening   Dec 24 Music Box Theatre Music Box Theatre
Opening   Dec 25 Laemmle Royal Laemmle Royal
Opening   Dec 25 Smith Rafael Film Center Smith Rafael Film Center
Opening   Dec 31 Nashville The Belcourt
Opening   Jan 1 The Frida Cinema The Frida Cinema
Opening   Jan 7 Hartford Cinestudio
Opening   Jan 14 Coral Gables Art Cinema Coral Gables Art Cinema
Opening   Jan 14 Montreal Cinema Public
Opening   Jan 28 Durham Duke University
Opening   Jan 29 Houston 14 Pews
Opening   Jan 29 Louisville Speed Art Museum
Opening   Feb 4 Bloomington Indiana University Cinema
Opening   Feb 4 Oklahoma City Oklahoma City Museum of Art
Opening   Feb 10 Milwaukee UW Milwaukee Union Cinema
Opening   Feb 11 Notre Dame Browning Cinema
Opening   Feb 11 Saint Petersburg Eckerd College
Opening   Feb 18 Bend Tin Pan Theater
Opening   Feb 18 Iowa City FilmScene
Opening   Feb 18 Saskatoon Remai Modern
Opening   Feb 19 Washington Suns Cinema
Opening   Mar 2 Victoria Cinecenta
Opening   Mar 12 Pittsburgh Harris Theater
Opening   Mar 16 Ithaca Cornell Cinema
Opening   Mar 17 Memphis Crosstown Arts
Opening   Mar 17 Toronto TIFF Cinematheque
Opening   Apr 15 Detroit Detroit Institute of Art